10 Enthralling Books to Embrace This Autumn 2023

books to read autumn fall 2023

As the temperature drops and the natural world transforms into a mosaic of reds and golds, there’s a particular kind of magic in the air. This autumn, capture the essence of the season by delving into ten enchanting books that are perfect for those warm and snug fall vibes. With their immersive storytelling and captivating themes, these reads will transport you to worlds of wonder and reflection, making your autumn evenings all the more delightful.

once future witches - autumn books

“The Once and Future Witches” by Alix E. Harrow

Summary: In a world where suffragettes join forces with witches to fight for women’s rights, the Eastwood sisters navigate an alternate New Salem filled with magic and intrigue. As they unearth their own latent powers, they find themselves entwined in a captivating tale of change, empowerment, and sisterhood.

Why it’s perfect for fall: With its atmospheric blend of historical reimagining and feminism, “The Once and Future Witches” mirrors the changing of seasons as the characters evolve and discover their true potential, making it a perfect companion for the introspective autumn days.

“Harrow the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir

Summary: “Harrow the Ninth” continues the mesmerizing necromantic space opera saga begun in “Gideon the Ninth.” Harrowhark Nonagesimus grapples with her newfound powers and navigates the enigmatic halls of the Emperor’s haunted palace, leading to a suspenseful journey of self-discovery.

Why it’s perfect for fall: As the leaves fall and secrets are unveiled, the intricate plot and eerie atmosphere of “Harrow the Ninth” mirror the mysterious allure of autumn, making it an ideal choice for diving into on chilly fall nights.

harrow the ninth autumn books
apple skin to core

“Apple (Skin to the Core)” by Eric Gansworth

Summary: In this memoir-in-verse, “Apple (Skin to the Core)” offers a profound exploration of Indigenous experiences. Eric Gansworth’s poignant narrative reflects on identity, culture, and heritage as he recounts his upbringing on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation.

Why it’s perfect for fall: Fall is a time of reflection and introspection, making “Apple” a poignant and timely choice for embracing the season’s quieter moments and delving into profound themes.

“The Charm Offensive” by Alison Cochrun

Summary: “The Charm Offensive” is a heartwarming romantic comedy that follows Dev Deshpande, a contestant on a reality dating show aimed at improving his image. As Dev’s feelings unexpectedly deepen for a fellow contestant, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery, love, and acceptance.

Why it’s perfect for fall: With its endearing romance and themes of personal growth, “The Charm Offensive” is akin to the heartwarming feelings evoked by autumn, where change is in the air and new connections blossom.

charm offensive
the sanatorium autumn books

“The Sanatorium” by Sarah Pearse

Summary: Detective Elin Warner finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation at an isolated luxury hotel in the Swiss Alps. As a snowstorm traps the guests, tensions rise and secrets come to the surface, culminating in a chilling tale of suspense and intrigue.

Why it’s perfect for fall: The atmospheric setting, combined with the palpable sense of isolation and suspense, creates a perfect backdrop for reading on a cozy autumn evening, immersing yourself in a thrilling mystery.

“The Hollow Heart” by Marie Rutkoski

Summary: In “The Hollow Heart,” Linette returns to the kingdom of Balladaire to reclaim her throne, navigating a treacherous landscape of political intrigue and forging alliances along the way.

Why it’s perfect for fall: As the political tensions mirror the changing world outside, “The Hollow Heart” presents a lush and immersive setting that resonates with the depth and complexity of the autumn season.

autumn books

“Slewfoot: A Tale of Bewitchery” by Brom

Summary: Transport yourself to colonial New England, where Angelica faces off against the malevolent supernatural entity known as the Slewfoot. In this dark fantasy, Angelica’s courage and determination are put to the test as she confronts dark forces.

Why it’s perfect for fall: The historical setting and spooky elements of “Slewfoot” conjure an atmosphere that aligns with the eerie charm of fall. Dive into this bewitching tale as the days grow shorter and the shadows lengthen.

“The Last House on Needless Street” by Catriona Ward

Summary: In this psychological suspense novel, Ted lives a reclusive life in a cabin, haunted by his past and obsessed with the idea that his missing neighbor is behind it all. A new tenant, Dee, moves in and sets out to uncover the truth.

Why it’s perfect for fall: As the days grow darker, the psychological tension and enigmatic twists of “The Last House on Needless Street” offer an ideal match for the cozy and mysterious vibes of autumn.

the last house on needless street
the forest of vanishing stars

“The Forest of Vanishing Stars” by Kristin Harmel

Summary: Against the backdrop of World War II, “The Forest of Vanishing Stars” follows Yona as she navigates a world of survival, rescue, and refuge. Yona’s journey of resilience unfolds against the stark yet beautiful landscape of the forest.

Why it’s perfect for fall: As nature undergoes its own transformation, Yona’s story of survival and hope in “The Forest of Vanishing Stars” serves as a poignant reminder of the strength of the human spirit, making it an ideal autumn read.

“Jade Fire Gold” by June C.L. Tan

Summary: Immerse yourself in an East Asian-inspired fantasy where two souls are bound by fate. Zetian’s journey through a treacherous court and her embrace of destiny lead to a riveting tale of magic and transformation.

Why it’s perfect for fall: Just as Zetian embraces her destiny, the changing of seasons and the sense of transformation in “Jade Fire Gold” reflect the introspective and enchanting mood of autumn, making it a fitting choice for fall reading.

jade fire gold

This autumn, let the pages of these captivating books transport you to worlds of magic, mystery, and self-discovery. With their immersive storytelling and captivating themes, these fresh and engaging reads are tailor-made for embracing the cozy and contemplative vibes of the fall season. So, settle in with your favorite blanket and a warm drink, and let these enchanting stories whisk you away on a journey of autumnal wonder.


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